Gros Bass Channel

Left to right:

Input Gain

Low Mid Frequency switch (Boost, Attenuate)

Low Frequency switch (Boost, Attenuate)

Top: Threshold, Make Up Gain, O/P 1, O/P 2

Bottom: Compressor Sidechain Freq switch, Compressor Ratio switch

10 LED Gain Reduction Meter, 16 LED Output Meter

IEC, Mains switch with LED,

115/230V selector

Line level output (little switch: Ground lift),

O/P 2 (direct/unprocessed)

O/P1 (channel output), level adjustment

Frequency Response: flat from 20 Hz to 22 kHz. S/N > 90 dB.

Instrument Preamp with modified Pultec style EQ, OptoCompressor, transformer balanced Line level output and two instrument level TRS outputs (direct/processed)